At Ume Yoga, we believe that yoga is all about you. Our yoga studio aims to create a tranquil space enabling our community to unwind, regain daily balance, and restore health and fitness by offering a wide variety of yoga styles.


Our team of highly-trained, compassionate instructors understand that yoga is an ongoing practice. We strive to cultivate a community that is supportive, without judgment, where everyone fits and and can realize their full personal potential.


Because we want to continue to provide our students with the classes and instruction they need, we are asking our community to participate in a short survey that will provide us with valuable insights into what our students want from their practice and our yoga studio. Please follow the link below to participate in our survey and give us your feedback regarding the current yoga classes we are offering. We want to be able to offer our students the tools they need to continue their yoga journey, but we need your feedback to do so.


For those who participate in our survey, we are offering a 10 class pass card or 1 month of unlimited yoga to be chosen at random. Please include your name in the box on Question 10, and we’ll include your name for the drawing.


We look forward to your feedback from our survey, and hope to continue offering the classes you need in our yoga studio.