Teacher Testimonials


I have done yoga throughout the years for the past 15 years but never experienced a class like Malia’s class. When I left the first class I could not stop talking about it with my family. It was just so unique. So different than anything I had ever experienced in a yoga class. The class was on the fringe and I immediately wanted to become a part of this. I wanted to get to know this amazingly strong woman that commanded the class. She was edgy, her music was unique. It was uncomfortable to listen to her music at first because it is unlike any yoga class that I had ever been in but, somehow I knew it was pure magic. To listen to hard rock while holding chair pose or worrier one was awkward and got me outside of my head. Soon this class become my craving in life or as I put it with my girlfriend the dessert of all exercise. Then the wisdom that Malia brought to each class, well it was like she had been walking by my side and knew the exact words that I needed to hear at that exact moment. If you are lucky enough in life to have the opportunity to have Malia as a teacher you will understand that the best teacher teaches from the heart.


I have taken Kelli, Malia, and Jenni’s classes. While each of these teachers have their own style, they all share the gift of teaching a class that is creative, challenging and nurturing. They speak words that I can bring with me off of the mat and into the world. Having never enjoyed yoga when I tried it years ago, this trio helped me to discover my inner yogi. I will be forever thankful to them.


Malia is a beautiful, powerful, and magnetic leader and teacher. Her classes are real, raw, and unplugged. She has a way of dropping right into the energy of the room, and leads classes that are challenging in the best way both physically and mentally. Malia is that teacher you just relate to, are fueled by her energy, and leave with new perspective. Always. Jenni is such a beautiful light. What I count on Jenni for is the gentle reminder that we can create absolutely anything we want in our lives, through the power of intention. She is so skilled at bringing this message into the physical practice and her classes have a magical way of being gentle yet challenging. Therapeutic, grounded, and healing.


Malia Hill is one of my all time favorite Yoginis. Her practices always put me in a special place physically, mentally, and spiritually as she challenges each aspect in extremely enjoyable, positive, and pragmatic way.
Her Power Vinyasa flow class challenges strength, balance, and cardio vascular aspects very nicely. Her discussions during the practice challenge my mental being in very positive ways as well. The mindfulness I achieve during the class brings me completely in to the present during the practice and for the rest of the day. I am happier on days where I can make it one of Malia’s classes!


Malia is magnetic – I have followed her to various studios because she is a truly unique and dynamic teacher. I found myself initially drawn to her classes for the physical practice as she always pushes you to your edge, but I returned time and again for the thought provoking messages she subtly weaves in between the poses. Her generosity, strength, and ability to connect with people largely inspired me to start teaching yoga myself.
In my opinion, Jenni’s greatest talent lies in the ability to create a non-judgmental, uplifting and welcoming community both in and out of class. She encourages students and fosters their growth in a way that is challenging and supportive. I am constantly inspired by her optimism and the positivity she exudes.


Teaching is essentially an offering of friendship, inviting another to enter and deepen their life experience by selflessly sharing their knowledge. Malia Hill exemplifies this. Through her warmth, humor and humility I’ve entered the daunting practice of yoga and made it an essential part of my life. She has a gift for making the practice accessible and meaningful. I’m profoundly grateful for her, and highly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring, enriching and enlivening their yoga practice.


Naushon is an AWESOME yoga teacher. She is the real deal – no trips – no affectations… she just tells it like it is. I find her classes to be extremely challenging but she encourages you to go at your own pace and be in the moment. While in her class I can easily let go of the world outside and focus on what’s within. Naushon is by far my favorite yoga teacher. I love her style and her authenticity. Thank you Naushon, my life is better because of you!


I’ve practiced with Naushon for nearly a decade. When I started practicing I didn’t know very much about yoga and I was actually a skeptic of the physical value of the practice. As a marathon runner, I never thought that “stretching” in a studio would give me the physical and mental challenge I craved. I soon learned that I was very wrong. Naushon has a very grounded presence and leads the class on a mindful journey of self-discovery. Her power vinyasa practice is physically demanding and not only requires strength, but also requires compassion and humility. While her sequencing and postures physically challenge the body, her nurturing guidance quiets our minds and keeps us rooted in the present moment. She teaches us to reach within ourselves and to take the pose to our “own edge”. We all come to our practice with differences, but we are all equal on the mat. Naushon has taught me to use the mat as a mirror and to look at what comes up for me in a challenging moment. I’ve taken what I’ve learned in Naushon’s class into my everyday existence and I’ve lived a much fuller and more balanced life. I am in debt to Naushon for creating an environment where I can truly balance my mind, body and spirit.


There’s a genuineness to Jessica that makes people gravitate toward her. Her authenticity shines through her teaching, and, as her student, you know she’s supporting you, encouraging you physically and spiritually. She’s strongly rooted in the lessons and parables of yoga, and she has clever ways of relating them to today’s hectic, high tech lifestyle. And her music game is on point.


Jessica has an ability to connect with everyone. This connection allows her to empower her students to push beyond what’s comfortable, both physically and spiritually. She relates the teachings of yoga to everyday life through personal stories and current events, which ables even the newest of yoga students a chance to feel included. She normalizes yoga and creates tangible opportunities to apply the practice off the mat. Physically, Jessica’s magnetic and humorous personality allows for a playful practice that challenges her students in a fun and athletic way, all while feeling completely supported. The best!


When I first started practicing I was all about doing as much stuff as I could as fast as I could. Through Jill’s instruction I’ve become much more in tune with my body and its natural abilities and limitations, ultimately helping me increase my self awareness. Thanks to Jill I am better equipped to care for my body and well being.


Jill is an incredibly skillful teacher. Her cues are easy to follow, her sequences keep the class totally engaging and I always leave floating. She gives intuitive hands on adjustments – with the lightest touch – and keeps class fun with her easy sense of humor. Jill is an amazing teacher. I recommend her to beginning students and students with years and years of practice under their belts – and everyone in between. Her classes are therapy / whether or not you think you need it.


Jill’s way of teaching and enlightening her students is an amazing experience. As someone who has taken many many sessions guided by Jill I can attest to the lovely and thoughtful approach she has. She somehow manages to make you feel as if the class is tailored just to you, even though there have been upwards of 30 people in the studio with us. During a session I’m excited, I feel great, I feel empowered, but also relaxed. For that hour or so Jill manages to get me to clear my mind completely and focus on my body and my mind and nothing else. Afterward the buzz of relaxation is so powerful. Jill has an amazing ability to immediately be your best friend. And in many situations she does just that. Her students on their first day usually realize they will never go to another yogi, at least that’s how I feel.


Jill brings so much heart and spirit and humor! to her teaching. It’s been such a treat to participate in her classes because of her clear instruction, delightful descriptions, and thoughtful approach to the work. Jill rocks! Go to a class, your body will totally enjoy it!


Reba, as a human being and yoga teacher has the innate ability/presence to effectively hold the space to gently and expertly guide students into poses which transform, uplift, detox and ground the individual with self and with the larger community. As a longtime yogi, I have never met a yoga teacher of Reba’s caliber and light-filled compassion!


Reba’s class is nothing short of magical! I find her classes to be grounding and her teaching to be dynamic yet compassionate especially in the days when my energy levels are not so high. Through years of practice and whatever state my body is in, her class always leaves me feeling healed and reinvigorated. Reba’s genuine care and love of the craft is why I encourage everyone to take her class.


I love attending Reba’s classes for a number of reasons – I love her genuine, kind, welcoming style. She is knowledgeable, skilled, and generous with her time and teaching. Reba always seems eager to learn new things and share them with the rest of us, and that makes her classes all the more engaging and fun.


Reba is soft-spoken, but don’t let that fool you: she’s also hilarious and a seriously knowledgeable yogi! I love taking her class because I get to laugh and learn something new every time. She’s so kind and patient that I always feel safe trying new things, and I end up doing way more than I thought I could!


Natalie always seems to know exactly what I need. She reminds me of the things I need to hear in that moment. She knows how to hold a space and I feel seen as a student. Her hands on assists show how perceptive she is to what is going on with my body. Her class is deep yet playful, it is strong but fluid and opens me up physically and mentally. She keeps the temperature toasty without overheating and her playlist sets the perfect mood. Her presence is grounding and cheerful, she is passionate about yoga and lives it, a true yogini. I just can’t get enough of her!


Natalie’s approach to teaching always comes from a very grounded, centered and spiritual space. She is able to skillfully sequence a class linking poses purposefully yet gracefully. I always leave Nat’s class in a state of Bliss. Her smile radiates, her energy permeates. Her passion for yoga and teaching is palpable. If you haven’t taken a class with Miss Natalie, treat yourself. You’re worth it!


Natalie’s classes are both fun and challenging. She seamlessly weaves together breath, meditation and movement for a vigorous and satisfying vinyasa. Her knowledge of the yoga tradition is deep and shines through her masterful sequences. I always leave her classes feeling better than I did when I went in.