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Heels Over Head: Falling In Love With Handstand

with Judy Rukat

Sunday, December 17, 11am – 1pm


What makes Adho Mukha Vrksasana, aka the elusive handstand, so challenging? Well, for one, hanging out upside down on your hands, even supported by the wall, makes it difficult to access that moment of carefree balance sometimes called the “sweet spot”. In this workshop we will learn how to recreate that sensation from the ground up understanding the layers of the core, working with AND without momentum through five different approaches to help you find your “sweet spot.” We will also answer these questions:
  • How do I confront fear on the mat?
  • When should I NOT use the wall?
  • What does LOVE have to do with it?
If you are ready to turn your world upside down, be prepared to release all expectations about what you THOUGHT has been holding you back and learn how to integrate new levels of strength, focus and play into your yoga practice.

Cost: $25 members / $35 non-members

Member Appreciation Party

Thursday, December 14, 6-9pm

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