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Building Blocks to Backbends Workshop

  • Ume Yoga 1501 Broadway Oakland United States (map)

Back bending is a full body process that literally and figuratively asks us to find strength, support, courage, and care to safely open our hearts. This workshop will consist of an in-depth technical exploration of the mobility, stability, and somatic awareness needed to safely execute backbends and deep heart openers. You don’t need have to a flexible spine or fearless soul to sign up. We’ll explore postures as “building blocks” and offer layers appropriate for practitioners who are new to back bending as well as for those looking to find precision and progressions. Postures that will be explored include variations of ustrasana (camel), urdhva dhanurasana (wheel), anjaneyasana (cresent lunge), natarajasana (dancers pose), and dwi pada viparita dandasana (upward facing staff poses). We will also discuss the mechanical details required to safely transition into backbends during in the vinyasa practice.

$35 for monthly/yearly members // $45 for non-members. Save $5 if you sign up before November 1!