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Hip Hip Hooray: A Hip Opening Workshop

Emma believes that safe flexibility comes from strength. This workshop will be a combo of flow, posture breakdowns, and a few yin poses to work deeply into the strength and mobility of your hips. We will be working towards a number of advanced postures by breaking down the techniques of hip flexion and extension, as well as rotation. Do not fret if you are not rubber band flexible-there will be plenty of modifications to ensure all hips are happy. 


Why yoga? For me there is nothing as joyous, empowering, or therapeutic as movement. I find happiness and grace in big sweeping movements, and power and strength in challenge postures. I think physical asana allows us to connect with our emotional and spiritual selves as well as our own innate healing abilities in a way that just isn’t possible for me using thought or words.

Who or what inspires you? My students. When a student accomplishes a new challenging posture for the first time, it’s sheer magic and makes me feel like I too can do anything! 

Three Words that Describe your Teaching Style Style: Vibrant, playful, and warm.

Where is your calm place? On my yoga mat, in the company of my loved ones, or near bodies of water. 

Current guilt pleasure? Pizza, astrology, following the “gffkennel” golden retriever friends forever Instagram, and binge-watching telenovelas to practice my Spanish (¡qué oso!)