Steph P. 2017, Oakland CA

How have I not written this sooner?! I love, love, love Ume Yoga! I have never found a yoga studio or yoga instructors with whom I've connected so strongly. Additionally, I haven't been consistent with yoga until I found Ume. I tried Ume's new student special ($49/month unlimited) in March and subsequently became a monthly member. 

Ume has opened up a new world for me. I practice yoga 2-3 times per week and feel physically and mentally better as a result. Ume has a diverse staff and diverse clients, which makes it a very welcoming environment for different folks of all skill levels. I enjoy the variation of classes and take everything from Vinyasa flow to Hatha to Yin and Nidra.

I think Ume Yoga does a superior job with their customer service, which is something sorely lacking in many businesses today. 

Thanks, Ume!

Greg B. 2017, Oakland CA

Everything I look for in a studio
1. Several vinyasa levels daily
2. Yin
3. Yoga nidra
4. Showers
5. Lovely new wood floors
6. Dedicated and inspiring teachers
7. Fun and welcoming front desk staff

Annie G. 2017, Oakland CA

I don't have one bad word to say about Ume! They are as good as it gets. I used the $39 first month offer and have been a member ever since. If Cheers was a yoga studio, you'd be at Ume. Every instructor cares about you, wants to know about you (both personally and physically in case you have any sensitive issues), and knows your name. Plus the scheduling app is a breeze. No matter what kind of day I've had, I leave Ume feeling better inside and out. I really cannot recommend this studio more. It's turned me into a "yeah someday I want to get into yoga" to "I am not my best self unless I've incorporated yoga and mindfulness into my day"!

Ellen K. 2017, Oakland CA

I have never really been a yoga person, but I recently decided I wanted to try it out for fitness and mental health purposes. Ume's $39 unlimited month trial pass was perfect to go to a ton of different classes to get a feel for the studio and its teachers before committing. As someone who doesn't know much about yoga and is pretty out of shape, I was nervous about what the atmosphere would be like. But, Ume is warm and welcoming, and I never feel out of place or uncomfortable. 

I just have to say: after a few Gentle Flow classes with Tatiana, I knew I wanted to become a member. I feel she is amazingly authentic and challenging while also being sensitive to the range of people that may be in the room. I have also really enjoyed Reba's Gentle Flow on Fridays -- a different style, but also challenging and therapeutic. I haven't tried them all, but there is a ton of variety, even within the same types of classes. Also, the space is really beautiful and comfortable-- my trial is up in a few days and I am definitely in.

Kate J. 2017, Pleasant Hill CA 

Joined Ume after buying some drop in classes on ZenRez. The space is calm, relaxing, inclusive and diverse. I have never enjoyed a yoga studio so much. The classes are a perfect blend of spiritual and active (especially heated vinyasa!).

Elise Z. 2017, Santa Cruz CA

This place is such a gem. I have been bringing friends, loved ones and roommates since I started attending classes a couple months ago.
I feel so welcome there. I used to practice yoga regularly for years but had to stop due to numerous moves. I'm so grateful I've found Ume Yoga to start my practice again.
I particularly recommend classes with Naushon, Justin & Reba.

Kathryn D. 2017, Oakland CA

I love the heated Power Flow classes! Every yoga instructor I've had at this studio has been great! They're all well taught and and have variety in their classes that keep things fresh and exciting. The studio is also really awesome and supportive for getting into that zen space. I finally found a studio where I feel at home!

Jessica T. 2017, Oakland CA

I'm incredibly grateful for this place! While it is beautiful, pristine, with wonderful feng shui, it's absolutely the people that make it 5 stars! Everyone is super friendly and warm which is a great start! 
At first I was going to classes that fit my schedule, but after going to Eve Isbell's classes Tues/Thurs at 10am, I knew I needed to schedule my day around her classes. Eve brings tremendous grounded, creative, playful, and present energy to each class that is rare. It's clear she has intuitive senses of what each person needs, as well as the class's needs in general. On top of that, she's brilliant with the anatomy of the body by knowing exactly how much to challenge me without over-doing it. I always leave with a beautiful balance of feeling energized, inspired, and open. I've already learned so much about yoga and my body that I hadn't learned in years of different classes and studios. Thank you for having Eve teach at Ume, and for hiring such a wholesome soul :)
While I haven't been to as many of her classes, I also love the teaching style of Jaimi Patterson as well! She clearly also brings great energy and experience to the studio :)

Maya S. 2016, Oakland CA

Enjoying the classes and teachers so much. I'm coming back to yoga after 12 years and 3 kids and this feels like coming home. Please, please come out and support their lunchtime yoga program. They have one relaxing and one power every day at lunch and I know there's plenty of people in those offices that could use a lunchtime stretch/workout. Namaste.

Frances V. 2017, Oakland CA

Ume Yoga is amazing! I first tried it out via Classpass and quickly became a monthly member. The front desk staff is warm and welcoming and the studio itself is beautiful. I was a bit nervous to take my first class because it had been years since I last practiced yoga and my flexibility is lacking, but Chelsea is so welcoming - I felt like I was home. At first, I stuck with Chelsea's classes and her warm spirit encouraged me to get back into my yoga practice. I've now been attending Ume regularly since March 2017. All of the instructors are fantastic. I typically attend the gentler classes during the lunch hour. Dara, Maggie, Sarah, Gabrielle, Michelle, Natalie and Chelsea are wonderful, kind individuals who truly care about their students. The classes and instructors have enough variety to keep me interested and challenged. The vibe among class attendees is friendly, not competitive. I've even made a few friends! I can't imagine life without Ume now! Thank you, Ume!!